°° AIPCON Tumor Marker Rapid Test can supply accurate result for initial diagnosis of tumors. Aid in the detection of  AFP, CEA, FOB, or PSA

AFP Whole Blood Card Test
.Add specimen and buffer
.Read results in minutes

CEA Whole Blood Strip Test
.Add specimen and buffer
.Read results in minutes

FOB Strip/ Card Test
.Collect specimen with collection stick
.Agitate vigorourly to mix specimen and buffer
.Immerse or add extracted specimen to the card and read results in

PSA Whole Blood Strip/ Card Test
.Add specimen and buffer
.Read Results in minutes

General Features
High sensitivity and specificity
Simple, easy and accurate
Built-in control system
Can read results in 5-10 minutes

Format Available

a. Strip Format (3.0 mm)
• Low cost test format

b. Device Format (4.0 mm)
• Most commonly used test format

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